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Infections due to multidrug resistant pathogens lead to 4.95 million deaths in 2019 worldwide, making it a critical public health concern. Although the problem is global, the burden of this global problem is disproportionate in LMICs. A multipronged approach is required for addressing this problem. Education and training in the rational use of antimicrobials helps in optimized use of antimicrobials. Antimicrobial stewardship programs lay a special emphasis on training and education.

Surgeons play a pivotal role in healthcare, serving as key contributors to the well-being of patients. The advancements in surgical interventions have led to remarkable positive changes in mortality, morbidity and quality of life. Prevention and management of infections goes hand in hand with obtaining desirable outcomes. Unfortunately, involvement of surgeons in most activities related to antimicrobial stewardship is at best minimalistic, although the need and interest expressed by them for a training which will contribute to improved patient outcomes by better prevention and management of infections is often expressed by them.

At PGIMER, Chandigarh, the antimicrobial stewardship activities have had a significant participation and contribution by surgeons. In view of this nearly decade long experience, of working together with surgical specialties towards creating a culture of optimized usage of antimicrobials in the scenario of growing problem of antimicrobial resistance, the present online training module is designed to to equip surgeons with the essential knowledge and skills required for the prudent utilization of antimicrobials. It incorporates diverse case studies to facilitate learning about the rational application of antimicrobials. Participants will gain insights into the global impact of AMR, understand the principles of antimicrobial stewardship in the context of surgical practices and develop practical strategies for optimizing antimicrobial use in surgical settings.